Upside Sounds Presents: Top Remixes of 2011 (10-6)

Moonchild has been doing work this year and Upside has taken notice. Since busting onto the scene in 2010 with his singles “Girl” and “Navigator“, we’ve kept an eye on him and were particularly impressed with his Lovebirds EP released last April. Coming in at Number 10, Moonchild’s remix of “Chasing Colors” is yet another fun, uplifting edit that highlights this Aussie’s disco talents. In my opinion, what separates him from much of the mediocre noise out there is his ability to create colorful tracks. His remixes will put a smile on your face and turn any lackluster party situation into a groovy one. Disco mania!

We’ve all been fans of Moullinex for a while now and weren’t at all surprised at this seductively tropical remix of fellow D.I.S.C.O. Texas mate Kamp!. What did surprise us, however, was how genuinely awesome the man behind the Moullinex name is. We were lucky enough to talk to him earlier this year and get more insight into his version of “Moccasin Funk + Prog Disco + Beach House”, insight that only helped us understand and love this track even more. With those beach-ready vibes and a killer breakdown, this remix was ready-made for the Top 10 remixes of the year.

8.The combination of The Magician‘s disco-pop piano and Lykke Li’s passionate voice are almost too much to take in this remix of “I Follow Rivers”. The song is bouncy and playful, but the unique edge to Lykke Li’s vocals (as opposed to the sugary sweet vocals of many a pop diva these days) uplifts the remix out of the ordinary bounds of pop. Pop, when done right, should evoke emotions and sensations common to all of us. With how widespread of a hit this remix was, I think it’s safe to say that The Magician made some of the finest pop to come out this year.

Cassius. Aeroplane. These are two huge names in our world and when this song was released, we had nothing but smiles on our faces. Notice how Aeroplane is able to layer his iconic beat plucking melodies and piano strings on top of  Cassius’ already powerful composition. It flows so smoothly that it’s hard to imagine the song without his touch, and that is the sign of a true remix genius. This has been a truly explosive year for Aeroplane, as he has been able to attract a lot of attention to his monthly mix series as well as killer shows across the globe. This man has established himself as a real player in the game and it is no surprise he takes the Number 7 spot of this year’s Top 25!

Be honest; when you heard this back in January, you knew it’d be making this list at the end of the year. We as bloggers are updating our playlists on a daily basis, culling the best the web has to offer every 24 hours. Yet somehow for the last 11 months this Ride the Universe remix has maintained a position on all of our playlists and I don’t think it’ll be taken off anytime soon. This remix is like that perfect pair of jeans that go with everything. You know you shouldn’t wear/listen to it everyday and that you should switch up your (musical) wardrobe a bit, but you just can’t help it because it fits too damn well.

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