Halina Larsson – Fires & French Horns (NIVA Remix)

Swedish, electronic pop producer NIVA is back and with a brand-new remix to Halin Larsson’s “Fires & French Horns,” who just so happens to be from Sweden as well. For anyone who has heard the original, it sounds nothing like what NIVA manages to put together within this track. Amazingly, NIVA takes Larsson’s primarily acoustic version of “Fires And French Horns” and turns it into a dreamwave masterpiece that is equally as mesmerizing as its organic counterpart.

Halina Larsson – Fires And French Horns (NIVA Remix)

Adding in a great deal of bass to the song, which might even take you by surprise if you’re not ready for it, NIVA goes on to perform his signature vocal chops and distortions throughout the rest of the track that ends up adding a whole other dimension to it. For instance, in some parts of the song, NIVA transforms Larsson’s feminine voice to such a degree that it sounds as if she is man when she blurts out lyrics such as, “Rhythm.” This tricks the listener into thinking that “Fires And French Horns” is more of a male-female duet, even though the only vocals come from Larsson herself. Once again, NIVA has delivered a track that I will be listening to and breaking apart for days to come. My weekend instantly just got better!


- Yaz

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