Labyrinth Ear – Amber (iO Remix)

It’s been a while since we last posted anything from Labyrinth Ear on Upside Sounds. With their track “Snow White” and remix to Arthur Russel’s “Walk on the Moon” still making rounds in my mind, I almost grew saddened when I realized I haven’t been giving the London-based duet the attention they deserve. Luckily, the band is set to release their brand-new EP “Apparitions” on February 28th and have earned the attention of the blogosphere in past couple of weeks with their tracks “Amber” and “Humble Bones.”

Labyrinth Ear – Amber (iO Remix)

As with most upcoming EPs, you can always count on a remix to hold you over until it is released. This one composed by London producer iO just so happens to be very good and completely free. Taking Labyrinth Ear’s song “Amber”, iO builds upon the mystique of the original by adding in his own assortment of powerful synth stabs and UK bass essentials. Much like the original, the highlight of iO’s edit seems to be the mesmerizing vocals of Labyrinth Ear’s lead singer Emily. If you aren’t too busy nodding your head to iO’s infectious melodies, you’ll surely be singing along as Emily belts out her spell-bounding lyrics. Seriously, for the past week, all I have been hearing in my head is, “Red and Yellow Green, twisting and blurring, twisting and blurring…” I want it to stop, but its literally like crack for your ears. I’m addicted and don’t think I’ll be weaning myself off of this one for a while.


- Yaz

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