David’s Lyre – Picture Of Our Youth

Due to conflicts with him and his record label, Paul Dixon, better known as David’s Lyre has decided to go independent and will be releasing his album “Picture Of Our Youth” unsigned. Feeling that his former record label was preventing him from sharing music that his fans could be proud of, Dixon has chosen to release his latest record via bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis. Joining an ever-growing number of artists who have started to self-release their work, Dixon embodies the current sentiment that one doesn’t need a big record label to share their music, attract fans, or gain notoriety. In preparation for the release, Dixon has been kind enough to place two tracks from the album on soundcloud for free-download. Although it’s just a little taste, David’s Lyre’s songs “English Roses” and “This Time” are strong indicators we’re only beginning to hear the best of what the young 22-year-old has to offer. Can’t wait until this baby is released February 20th!

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