Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco Remixes

Something special for you today: 3 remixes of the multitalented French-British Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Paradisco, off 2011′s Stage Whisper. The reason so many remixes are out? Beatport is hosting a contest (if you’re interested) with free submission, so undoubtedly you’ll be hearing more remixes in the days to come. So far, we’ve selected edits by Upside Sounds favorite Le Crayon, as well as another Frenchman (and a huge one at that) on remix duties with Joakim and a Brit, Francophilippe, rounding it out.

First up: 20 year-old Le Crayon. He needs no introduction here, we’ve already featured him 3 times this year. He gets back to work with a fantastic disco take on the original with lovely vocals and a great guitar leading throughout. It’s easy on the ear and in my opinion, the best of the three.

Joakim has been around for some time now and has never disappointed with his original work or his productions. He’s released music on a number of huge labels, including Crosstown Rebels, KitsunĂ© and most recently, Sound Pellegrino. This time, he slows Paradisco down and throws in a wonderful bassline to complement the calm vocals. As the song progresses, Joakim experiments with the guitar and brings the vocals back with an eerie background synth. Awesome.

Francophilippe also keeps it calm with his remix, which he says himself has an “eerie disco feel”. He also says that it took very little time to make, which I find hard to believe. Francophilippe also makes heavy use of the guitar lead, using the whispering vocals to build up to a hugely danceable break.

Luckily, the rules on the competition allow you to vote for as many of the remixes as you like. I voted for all of them.

- Steven

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