Eat More Cake Vs. Supernova – Red Sky

Eat More Cake have recently decided to take their chance at revamping Supernova‘s 2011 dance track “Beat Me Back.” Deciding to keep the enticing, tech-house feel from the original intact, EMC manage to improve upon the song’s melody by mashing it up with the vocals from their track “Red Sky.” Although Alexis Griffith’s voice was initially paired up with sultry, disco beats, they surprisingly work well with Supernova’s “Beat Me Back;” a song that’s considerably more uptempo and characterized by heavier bass. By making a few minor adjustments to the original’s instrumentals, Eat More Cake deliver a mash-up that’s the perfect balance between Ibiza-styled House and the blissful, downtempo arrangements we’ve gotten to recognize the Londoners by.

Eat More Cake Vs. Supernova – Red Sky

If you like what you hear, you can listen to more from EMC by clicking on this link right here!


- Yaz

Photography by: Alvaro Puentes

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