Slow Magic – On Yr Side

I find that I usually appreciate music more when I’m strapped for time. In an effort to make my listening experiences more efficient, I try hard to block out the wave of mediocrity that clogs my soundcloud account everyday and hone in on music that tends to be more worthwhile. So when I returned home from a long day at work, I quickly decided to blow past yet another series of Little Boots and Lana Del Rey remixes and attempted to find something that was truly worth my time. In the end, my search led me to Slow Magic‘s new tune “On Yr Side,” and with it, came the best 3 minutes and 14 seconds of my day. Remarkably original, almost to the point that I can barely grasp the words to describe it, Slow Magic constructs a tune that’s by and far the best track that has come out today. If you have one song to listen to today, I strongly recommend this one!

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