The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo (Lenno Remix)

Let’s be honest. In terms of releases this summer, there are few bigger than that of “Geronimo” recently put out by The Knocks & Fred Falke. Past and current legends coming together to produce a phenomenal dance track? How can anyone ask for more? More importantly, what makes this release even more of an instant classic is the sensational remixes packaged with the EP. Just take this edit from musical prodigy Lenno for example. An all out electro banger, Lenno has taken a fairly intense track already and has turned it into his little bitch boy. Trust me, when this remix hits a club near you, expect everyone to lose their shit. A tantalizing blend between big-room electro and furious French House, Lenno has crafted a dancefloor killah that will send you into a shock as your system attempts to futility recuperate; only to have your body break out into uncontrollable dance!

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