Video Roundup #11

Are you ready for the video roundup 11? This week we feature new video clips accompanying songs to dance, and to chill under the sun!

French duo Justice revealed last week an epic video for their song “New Lands”. It was uploaded just a few hours after I published the previous video roundup, so I’ve been looking forward to post it here! The video features a futuristic game, a sort of mix between american football, baseball, and rollerball. Discover it below, and check out the song remixed by A-Trak!

Let’s have fun on the dancefloor with this new video clip from Moonlight Matters, accompanying the song “Come For Me”, featuring Gustaph from Hercules & The Love Affair. Get ready for some disco madness! The EP “Come For Me” is out now on Kitsuné.

Hot Chip, already featured in previous video roundups, has another new video clip, for the song “Look At Where We Are”, one of my favorite songs from their latest album. What’s happening in the video clip is not very clear, but it seems to show scientists making experiments on a model’s soul…

The video roundup #9 featured the video for Rotkraft’s remix of Goldroom‘s song “Fifteen”. Now, the official video for the original song was released, and it has summer written all over it! It features footage from LA, where Goldroom is based. If you haven’t got it yet, you can download the song for free here.

The last video for this week is another song perfect for summer, a remix of Télépopmusik’s song “Smile” by French producer Natural High. This remix is very chill and dreamy, and this video matches perfectly the atmosphere of the song. You can get it for free on Soundcloud!

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