Norrit – Want U Back

When Star Slinger recommends a track, you’d be wise to pay very close attention. Recently he just shared Norrit‘s original “Want U Back,” simply saying “Such a TUNE!” And what a tune it is! Didn’t know that trap music could get romantic before listening to this track. Gracefully transitioning from a dance inducing mixture of hi-hats, lion roars, and floor-stomping bass into a romantic blend of heart-fluttering synth, eclectic samples, and smooth vocals, “Want U Back” is a song I honestly don’t know how to genre-tag. It has a little bit of everything in it, and I think that’s what I like most about it. That, and the fact that it’s just f-ing incredible!

You can download this track and others by following this link to¬†B. Yrslf Division‘s official “Summer Crisis” playlist. Bangers await you!

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