Video Roundup #13

Let’s start this new video roundup with the brand new video clip from Australian band Van She, for “Jamaica”, the second single off their latest album “Idea Of Happiness”. It shows the band having fun in Jamaica! If you like the song, have a listen to the remix by Plastic Plates!

Bondax just revealed their first official video, for their single “Baby I Got That”, showing young girls dancing. It’s very hot! After watching this, it seems unbelievable that summer is about to end….

The next video is not a video clip, but an acoustic performance, definitely worth watching. It shows The xx playing their new song “Angels” in their hotel room while they visited Tokyo in July. This intimate atmosphere and sound is just perfect for this song! Their second album “Coexist” will be out on September 10th via Young Turks.

The indie pop duo YesYou, from Australia, released a new single coming with a video clip. “Frivolous Life”, featuring vocals by Marcus Azon, is the first extract off their forthcoming debut EP.

The last video of this roundup comes from Paris-based producer Uppermost. It’s the video clip coming with his smooth track “Gather”, that you can download for free here.

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