Tomas Barfod – November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)

Can’t get enough of Tomas Barfod’s track “November Skies?” Then go check out Jerome LOL‘s latest remix of the mesmerizing tune, which was recently uploaded by FoFMusic earlier today! Taking the soaring vocal performance of Swedish songstress Nina Kinert, Jerome LOL decides to heighten the pitch of her voice while simultaneously quickening its pace. Although someone on soundcloud already commented that it makes Kinert sound a bit like a chipmunk, I think it adds a peculiarity to the song effectively makes it sound more euphoric and inspiring than the near-perfect original. If you’re interested in buying this track, make sure to grab it when it comes out on 11/26 with remixes by Nite Jewel, Sepalcure, Touchy Mob and others!

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