Ben Gomori Mixtape + Interview

Following a string of successful remixes in 2012, Ben Gomori seems to have everything going his way. He’s writing for MixMag, curating the Eastern Electrics podcast, and he even landed on our top remixes  of 2012 (what else could a person want in life?). Today we present an exclusive mixtape introduction to Mr. Gomori mixed by the man himself. It’s filled to the brim with dynamic house vibes, put it on and make the next hour of your life a groovy one!

After you hit play, check out our interview with him below wherein we talk about ghostwriting in electronic music, his own creative process, and the merits of EDM!

Upside Sounds: First Question: how would you describe your sound in one sentence to someone that’s never heard your music?

Ben Gomori: An eclectic take on house music, with groove and melody and paramount.

Upside Sounds: Congrats on the reception of the Dan Croll remix! Can you tell us about the process that went into making it? 

Ben Gomori: Well I was given about 5 days to complete it – which, given that I have a day job still, wasn’t that easy on paper! But I’ve found that a time limit like that makes you more focused and forces you to do away with anything too ambitious, over-complicated or contrived. It all has to be natural, simple, and carefully considered. You need to go in with a game-plan rather than messing about with the parts and seeing what happens. When the track is as good as the original is though, it makes it a hell of a lot easier. I stretched the vocal to the tempo I wanted to work at, called up a bass preset I had created that I knew worked really well in the mix and on a big system, found a nice percussive loop and I was away. From there it was just a case of thinking about how to sequence the vocal, finding a simple pretty melody, and then just making everything as tight and slick and with as much energy and impact as possible. As it’s turned out, my quickest project has also turned out to be my most successful – so guess there’s a lesson in that somewhere. 

Upside Sounds: Big ups on the Eastern Electrics podcast as well! Can you tell our viewers more about the series?

Ben Gomori: Eastern Electrics is a party and festival from London that has been going for about 6 years now. I actually used to do PR for it when it first started, and up until last year it was just an occasional warehouse event in the capital. Then in 2012 they launched a one-day festival right next to the O2 Arena, and they’ve now taken the leap to a 3-day camping festival at Knebworth House outside London. They are all about quality underground house and techno.

My weekly show for them is an hour-long podcast and Mixcloud show which showcases new music from the house/tech spectrum with occasional interviews and a Future Classic every episode, which basically my track of the week. It’s out every Monday to blast away your post-weekend blues and I’m really pleased with the reaction so far.

Upside Sounds: You wrote an article for Mixmag back in November about the prevalence of ghostwriting in electronic music, arguing that there is “no end in sight to this ‘virus’”. What do you think would happen if the public were made completely aware of this phenomena? And do you think there’s anything that could cause this trend to turn downwards?

Ben Gomori: Not a lot, to be perfectly honest. I think most people don’t really care that much, and probably with good reason: when they are dancing to a track in a club, they don’t care who made it or who claims to have made it. They care about how it makes them feel, how it makes them move.

What I would like to happen is that people who are having tracks ghostwritten for them get exposed within the industry and that the people making the decision about their careers – labels, promoters, press etc. – wouldn’t allow them success based on false pretenses  Wishful thinking… but watch this space, as I’m hopefully going to be involved with something on this topic at a major dance music event this summer.

Upside Sounds: In another more recent article for MixMag you and Tommie Sunshine had a debate about the merits of EDM, with you taking the stance that EDM is (generally) stale and un-inventive. In that article Tommie Sunshine writes that “Nostalgia has no place in my day”, implying that those who are against EDM are simply nostalgic for a bygone era. How do you respond to those who claim anti-EDMers are simply out of touch with the times? 

Ben Gomori: They are missing the point and they are pretty condescending both to people like me (I’m 28) and to younger people with more “discerning” tastes (PLENTY of them exist). It’s nothing to do with being out of touch with the times – I play music by teenage producers, I love some modern pop, I love some new developments in dance music and I pride myself on keeping an eye and an ear on things. It’s incredibly reductive to think that people who dislike the whole ‘EDM’ thing are simply anti it because we are “out of touch” or “jealous of their success” or because “they are so successful”. Our issue is with the quality and presentation of the music – it’s nothing to do with the trappings of success or wallowing in the past or jealousy!

Upside Sounds: What all do you have in the pipeline? Any tracks or tours in the works? 

Ben Gomori: I’m itching to get a shitload of music out there that’s waiting in the wings. In February I’ve got a remix of X-Press 2′s classic ‘Muzikizum’ coming as a free download, [NOW AVAILABLE] which I’m so happy about – an all-time favorite that I used to cane on vinyl when I was about 17 and has only ever had two remixes previously. Then in March my remix of Kris Menace & Chelonis R. Jones’ ‘Voodoo Dilate’ drops, which Kris personally asked me to do (was also very chuffed about that as you can probably tell!). Following that, my ‘Water & Absinthe’ EP for UNER’s label Paulatine - another hero of mine – and a track for House Of Disco called ‘Olympia’. Got a lot of other stuff in the works, more re-edits too, and I’m also working with an incredible vocalist that I met busking on the streets of Soho who I finally got in the studio with this week. Big tings, trust me!

Touring-wise, next international date is at Snowbombing in Austria in April. I’ll also be hosting their daily podcast. There’s talk of some dates in Australia on the East coast too, but we’ll have to see about that.

A huge thanks to Ben Gomori for talking with us! Stay up to date on the X-Press 2 and Kris Menace remixes by following him on Facebook and Soundcloud!

Jai Paul – Jasmine (Ben Gomori’s Jafar Edit)
Paul Weller – Starlight (Drop Out Orchestra Remix – Ben Gomori Edit)
LL Cool J – Loungin’ (Ben Gomori’s Lungin Edit)
Janet Jackson – Go Deep (Ben Gomori’s Elbow Deep Edit)
Aswad – Shine (Ben Gomori’s Scoring Edit for Ali)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback (Ben Gomori’s Phat Edit)
Nas – Represent (Ben Gomori’s Queensbridge Road Edit)
Jesse Von Peaches – Fuck The Whistler (Ben Gomori’s Bootlegdit)
Missy Martin – 4 My Fugitive (Ben Gomori’s Bootlegdit)
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Ben Gomori’s Jack Rabbit Slim Edit – VIP for TEED)
X-Press 2 – Muzikizum (Ben Gomori’s Part Three)
Bobby Brown – Two Can Play That Game (Ben Gomori’s 4Play Edit for Pascoe)

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