Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy (Zimmer Rework)

Zimmer is having a bit of fun again, and reworking a classic from 1978 for the modern dance floor. Zimmer takes the sexy Rod Stewart anthem and ups the sex with a lush production in his trademark Horizontal Disco style. The added percussion, shimmering synths, and driving bassline along with all the original strings and disco “cheese” make for a floor stomping good time.

However, in my humble opinion I THINK the increased tempo, that clocks in at 123 bpm, takes away the SEXY vibe that the original oozes. I prefer to hear this track at about 116 bpm for maximum SEXY TIME. (But to each their own. I still think you’re sexy ZIMMER)

Zimmer has been kind enough to share his hard work with us so be sure to like his Facebook for a free download, and get over there now cause this gift will only be offered for two weeks.

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