Kyle Woods – Mornings EP

Heard of Kid Color? The Chicago based DJ and producer has developed quite a following – but recently decided to explore different styles.

Enter Kyle Woods*.

Called one of the 8 tastemakers of Chicagoan culture, particularly impressive considering he’s a California native, Woods has decidedly taken a step in a new direction and  the result is wonderful. A kind enough guy to let us pick his brain a little, Woods hopes the EP will “set the pace to one day achieve [his] dream of scoring films.” His music is not resemblant of his earlier, house-rooted work, but instead delves into the chillwave and airy vibe that is so difficult to do tastefully while maintaining drive and purpose.

The three-song EP begins with the impressively produced track – “Window.” Experimenting heavily with a plethora of sound effects, the track carries an element of calm simplicity while still giving listeners an unforeseen burst of a climax about two-minutes in to the track. On the EP’s second track, “Wildlife, ” this climactic, ascending synth sound is used again, but with a four-on-the-floor rhythm that echoes Woods’ sentiments of being “let into the wild…and coming at the world head on.” Ending on a high note, Woods’ “Tidal Wave,” allows the listener’s mind and creative capacity to wander as the song expresses Woods’ “waves of emotion” after a life change that finds its resolve with a “an everything’s going to be alright kind of feeling.”

Here’s to hoping this project doesn’t vanish anytime soon. Well done Kyle Woods!

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