Sunday Supplements #14: LIZ, Colta, Mr. Carmack, Mattanoll, Kreap, Jarreau Vandal, Joe Hertz, Pomo, Bit Funk, Templeton, That’s Nice

Choices are tough again this week. Instead of picking out a few, how about nine tracks right off the bat?

Diplo’s Mad Decent/Jeffrees label is sharing a song by LIZ, titled ‘All Them Boys’. A production by Mr. Carmack and Colta. Nice production, nice work, really. And the vocals add some extra fun too. But then there’s packaging. Which is a bit like McItaly. You know it’s not this culinary treat from Italian culinary heaven. And anyone trying to tell you differently, just to make you eat it, kind of makes you go ‘yeah I love this, but fuck you sideways’. With that in mind: “LIZ is on a diamond studded road to stardom, blinding everyone along with way with one shining release after another as she puts the finishing touches on her debut EP dropping early next year”.

Mattanoll’s newest remix got picked up by a French blog, Touchez Français. The Reims producer remixes Tomasz Betka ft. David Dub’s ‘Fall For You (How Could I)’. The original was released on April 6th 2012, out on Chicago label Grammophonica. And to be honest, that original version already is quite a pop track. In a good way. Mattanoll does again what he has done on many other occasions: Puts up a different instrumental with better dynamics.

This is one of those producers with a nearly impossible speed of putting up remixes. Kreaps average time between tracks isn’t much more than three days, a tempo he has been keeping up for over a month now. The latest project by the Melbourne producer is a remix on ‘Down On Life’ by Stockholm vocalist Elliphant. Which is also a name to watch. And a video to watch as well. Delicious vocal dub!

Just this weekend, Soulection came up with a new free EP by Amsterdam producer Jarreau Vandal. It features four tracks, and borrows acapellas from Alicia Keys, Adina Howard, Missy Elliott, Sampha and Drake. ‘Don’t Think About It’ has the Drake ft. Sampha acapella which came out earlier this year. Wait for the nice switch-up at 1.20 in the track.

Annie Mac got on this great remix this week, by Londoner Joe Hertz. He tackles Chris Malinchak’s ‘If U Got It’ for a better club version. Everything about it just begs for it to be played at peak time in one of your more intimate club settings. School example of a good dub remix.

After releasing music on HW&W, Pomo is sharing an edit through his own channels. He creates some extra elements to go with Sade’s ‘Nothing Can Come Between Us’, which was released on Sony back in 1988. Doesn’t mess too much with the original version in the process, which is nice. Also nice the see the original video, has that certain vibe to it.

Bit Funk followed up on ‘Soul Satisfaction’, which got its premiere on Thump last week. The original version is backed up by a club version that sounds a lot more like classic Bit Funk. And next to the club version there’s also a B-side to the EP, fittingly titled ‘Beside’. The Club version on the imaginary A-side of the EP takes the crown though, adds that extra energy that the original version sort of lacked.

Fun fact: The original version of ‘Garden’ by Japanese producer Boys Get Hurt was actually recorded for a fashion runway event of Japanese designer Hiroshi Takizawa. Which is the reason for the track to be almost sixteen minutes in length. Which contrasts the fact that there’s a radio version of that track as well, even though that one does not go under 5 minutes in length. The latter is probably the version that inspired the Templeton Remix, which floated up early in the week. Club version of a runway soundtrack.

And finally That’s Nice. His remix on All The Colours’ ‘Shame’ got premiered on Rolling Stone magazine’s website. Cool Nu-Disco rework of the original with that skewed peck-and-feathers video.

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