Sunday Supplements #16: CongopunQ, Kreap, P.A.F.F., DeMarzo

French product for appetizer. In November of 2012 French producer Rone published his album ‘Tohu Buhu’. It featured ‘Parade’, a very tropical track with this equally awesome video. Just a few days ago, Rone premiered an unreleased remix on that track by fellow French ensemble CongopunQ. It’s almost seven minutes in length and it definitely isn’t built like many other electronic productions. But it holds this bright percussive atmosphere, and it has a few unpredictable turns and choices throughout the track. Cool stuff.

I think I’ve mentioned the astounding pace at which Kreap is publishing new music every week. He’s still doing that. But it’s not just pace. This week the Melbourne producer premiered his remix on ‘Moola Moola’ by Canadian singer Jordy Birch. The remix itself is quite different from Kreap’s other work. Still, there’s no strain or lesser quality. Kreap is an allrounder.

P.A.F.F. is Paweł Kasperski, a producer from Wrocław, Poland. His productions are versatile, ranging from blunt electro to big room trap to these well-composed deephouse tracks. This week sees the release of his ‘Rock The Boat’ remix on Aaliyah. The composition itself is good, and all the instruments play nice with the original acapella.

Deephouse is probably past the whole EDM wave in terms of popularity. At least, this month’s free tracks have been around 140 EDM tracks vs. around 180 Deephouse productions so far. So quality and originality is getting even more important for Deephouse producers, since there’s so many sounds to compete with. UK producer DeMarzo meets the mark on both terms with his Alternate Version of ‘Draw A Line’.

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