Sunday Supplements #17/18: Home, Social Disco Club, Jean Tonique, SirOJ, Cosmonaut Grechko, Tom Staar, So Shifty

Sorry to leave you hanging last week! Allow me to make up for missing last week with this only slightly larger Supplements post.

Florida based producer Home is handing out ‘Living Forever As You Are Now’. Sentimental title for sure, comes with a great track. Short and simple too. Not even three minutes in length. Just a cool progressive synth riding this very lo-fi beat. Be sure to check out all these other short setups by Home, he’s got some versatile awesomeness going on over here.

Back in October Gomma released Munk’s ‘The Beat’ EP, which featured this really cool Social Disco Club Remix. Starts as a Deephouse promise, ends like a Bossa Nova track. Classy as fuck. Perfect production. So this week Social Disco Club published the beatless version as a free download. Really interesting to hear the remix without kicks, and I’m sure this is a great tool for live sets too.

Again with the Destiny’s Child acapellas. This time it’s Jean Tonique, remixing their 1999 track ‘Jumpin’ Jumpin’’. Not getting tired yet though, this is a fun remix. It’s the French remixer’s way of celebrating the new year. (And also a very effective way to get you clicking the like button on his Facebook page, for whatever it’s still worth.)

SirOJ’s previous remix on Sybil was great, just a little rough around the edges. His new track ‘Gonna Go Pop’ marks a return to his super smooth house-ish sound on a super steady 110 BPM. SirOJ recycles a sample from Wiley’s ‘Creating A Buzz’, which came out in June 2012. Good track, kind of makes me want to put on Disclosure’s ‘Settle’ at 110 BPM too, for science.

Cosmonaut Grechko’s new track is titled ‘Tell Me’ and it came out pretty much straight after the previous Supplements post. The whole track rides on the same steady pace as SirOJ’s track above, and somehow has a strong hint of Perseus in it. Great vibe by the Super Music Group signee.

A little more rough that the usual Sunday recipe, but this track turned out really well. Tom Staar took on the perils of remixing a classic. More of a mashup actually, but pretty sure he had to pull his own ‘Death Staar’ apart to blend it with Underworld’s ‘Cowgirl’. The Underworld track first appeared on their ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’ album in 1993. Guess it’s one of the tracks that catapulted Underworld to international fame. Tom Staar’s 2014 version is beefy, Techo flirting with some Electro elements.

Especially after these violent productions it’s just fun to switch out with something unusual like this. Major Lazer started spreading the ‘Lazer Strikes Back: Vol. 6’ EP. It’s a big set of remixes by Mungo and So Shifty, plus the original track ‘Smooth Sailing’. Good EP, best part is the actual Dub stuff. Somewhere on the bottom of the playlist you’ll find So Shifty’s Dub version of ‘Jah No Partial’. Best track on the entire EP.

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